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Welcome To CoinJar Investing A place where you can find creative ideas  for your saved coins. My name is CoinQueen AKA Hill. I  love saving my coins and putting them to work so that I can do something fun or they can make me more $$.

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Fathers Day Is Coming

Father's Day is June 20th what better way to spend Saved coins then on a dinner out for your father or a nice gift. You will be happy and so will Dad.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Saving 

Summer Stuff

Summer is here and it's beach time. Why not use some of your saved coins to purchase beach items like floats, sunscreen, towels, beach toys. If you have a pool same  idea. Buy your summer stuff  like flip flops with your coins.

                                    😎Happy Coin Saving

Bus Fare

 I know a lot of use use our cars to get back and forth. But what if you had to use the bus or the train to get where you have to go. Your saved coins can be used for that. To either depsoit into the coin box on the bus or to buy a bus/train  card.

                            😎 Happy Coin Saving


Gift Giving

 With Mothers Day & Fathers Day and I Care About You Day comming up. Why not use some of your saved coins to purchase gifts for the perople in your life that you love and care about.

                                      😎 Happy Coin Saving

Easter Candy

 Since Easter is over  why not take advantage of the easter sale that the stores are now offering. My local drugstore had their easter stuff  at 50% off. Meaning that  you can take advantage  of a good sale with the coins you have saved.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Saving         

Be Different

 Some might like this idea. Other might not.But you could use some of your coins and get a tatto. It doesn't have to be a big and crazy one. It could be small and cute. Just a suggestion.

                                    😎 Happy Coin Saving                                    

Spring Is Comming

Spring is comming . What better way to use your saved coins then to use them for tools that you might need in the garden. God find you some good garden tools and  get that pretty garden you always wanted.

                                  😎Happy Coin Saving


 Have you ever heard of a person named Murphy. That person will come in to your home univited and do some damage. Like a hot water heater will break, washing machine breaks, toilet overflows, you get the point. Why not  use your saved  coins for unexpected repairs.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Saving


 Another great idea is to use your saved coins for parking meters. I use to hate looking for spare coins in my car when I had to use a parking meter.    

                                    😎 Happy Coin Saving                 

Try Something Different

 Take the coin that you have saved buy a can of paint, some pillows maybe, bed sheets, new rug or other fancy fresh stuff. All within your saved coin budget and spruce up a room. Makes you feel better, good use of saved coins and your new room will look wonderful.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Saving

Income Taxes

 If your lucky enough not to have to pay Taxes. That's great but for the rest of us that have to pay. Why not use your saved coins from last year to ease the burden. Espically if you owe just a few dollars to uncle sam.

                                    😎 Happy Coin Saving

Stocking Up

 Now that the new year is here and I know you have counted your coins. It's time to invest that money in stocking up on the things that we are running low of. Like food, Take the coins and invest in what is needed.Then start saving your coins agian for 2021.

                                    😎 Happy Coin Saving

After Hoiday Sales

 If you need something or just want to start you 2021 holiday shopping early. Why not use your saved coins to take advantage of the holiday  sales after the holidays. Meaning 50-70% off after christmas sales will be starting this weekend . So yes take advtange of the discounts being offered. 

                                😎 Happy Coin Saving


Where To Put Saved Coins

Hello my coin savers  with 2021 comming in fast. Here's an inexpensive way to save your coins. Well actually it's a place where you can put your coins while you save them. I use this method to. I use old plastic coffee containers. You know the Maxwell house, Folgers plastic coffee cans. When they are empty I clean them and reuse them to put my coins in. I of course decorate them to make them look pretty. 

                                😎Happy Coin Savers                  

Dollar Tree

 With the holidays right around the corner. Here's an idea of how to make your invested coins work for you. Dollar Tree, Family dollar, 99 cent stores offer a variety of items that you can decorate your home with or give for gifts. These store make your saved coins a great investment when it comes to holiday cheer for pennies.

                                    😎 Happy Coin Saving

Be Safe With Coins

 With all the Safety Measures that we now have to take, wearing gloves and mask. Why not use your saved up coins and invest in your safety & health by buying mask,  hand sanitizers, gloves and other things that you might need to stay safe & healthy.

                                          😎 Happy Coin Saving

For The Kids

 Have you thought about saving enough coins and giving it  to your kids as their allowance. This will work great if you have little ones. They do a chore and get rewarded in coins or you can convert your saved coins into dollar bills to make it easier  for yourself.

                                                  😎 Happy Coin Saving


$30 Bucks Saved!

 Hello My coin savers. Just wanted to share with you my rolled coins this week. It took me about 4 months to save these coins $30 bucks worth and counting. Now what to do with them? Thinking about doing a coin business meaning starting a business with my saved coins to make more money from it. What do you think? 

                                                  😎 Happy Coin Saving

Small Home Projects

If your the creative kind and like to do small home projects. The  materials for certain home projects might cost you some money. Why not use some of your invested coins for the material you need. There is nothing like saying with pride " I made that with coins"

                              😎  Happy Coin Saving

Learn Something

 Winter is comming it's a great time to find something your interested in and use your money to take online courses. There are plenty of free or cheap online courses that I am sure will interest you. Use your invested coins and learn something new & fun. 

                                            😎 Happy Coin Savings


Free Stuff

 Your saved coins are now commanding free stuff. If you go to some 7-11 stores or WaWa stores . In exchange for your coins you get a free coffee or other things. The catch is you have to give them a certain amount of coins to get the free stuff. Yes you will get the value of your coins in dollars.

                                            😎 Happy Coin Saving

Mailing Packages Or Buying Stamps

 If your like me and mail a lot of packages and letters . Then why not use your save coins to buy stamps & packaging materials if you need them. I know it helps me a lot to know I  can invest my saved coins into something that I need. 

                                              😎Happy Coin Savings

Pet Fund

We love our Pets. But they can get expensive when it come to their care. So why not use your coins investment  to start a pet fund. This way if you need something for your pet or he/ she  has a hospital bill. You have the coins to use to pay for it.

                                            😎 Happy Coin Investing

It Now Pays To have Saved Coins

 Interesting  story of banks paying people extra to bring in their coins.

                                😎 Happy Coin Saving

Let's Bond

My Coin Savers happy July. Here's another great idea when it comes to investing your saved coins. Why not save up enough and buy some Saving Bonds with them. You can use the bonds to give as gifts or you can start saving them for your children for a later date. Or how about buying them to save toward your retirement. You get a good interest rate on saving bonds and in a few years your money doubles. Another good way to invest you coins in something that will grow over time.

                                      😎 Happy Coin Saving

Car Wash

With the weather getting better it's time to get your car washed. Use your saved coins and treat your car to a nice car wash. Your car will look better and you will feel better that your car looks brand new with the wash.

                                   Happy Coin Saving😎

Going To The Movies

When this crazy virus things is all said and done. Why not take your saved coin and invest some of them  by going  to the movies. When was the last time you sat down in a nice movie theather with confortable seats and enjoyed a movie on a big screen. Take the kids with you and enjoy life again.  You have earned it!

                                              😎 Happy Coin Savings



With the  stock market way down. Now might me a time invest some of your saved coins in some stock . Some good stocks are dirt cheap  in price.  Personally I am eyeing some stock purchases myself but only companies  I am comfortable with and use on the regular like  jetblue & walmart. Just my suggestions.

                                            😎 Happy Coin Saving


With the worry of not having enough for the Just in case situation. Why not use some of your invested coins to create a stockpile of needed items. For the just in case situations.  You would be buying stuff on sale that  you could not afford to buy with your food budget. Using your  saved coins to buy the stuff you might need makes it easier on your food budget..

                                        😎 Happy Coin Saving

Happy Valentines Day

One way to invest some of your coins. Wait until a sale like this and stock up on items that you can freeze and enjoy later on.

                                          😎 Happy Coin Saving

Dirty Clothes

 If you need a good way to invest your saved coins use it to clean your clothes. When you go to the lanudry mat use some of your invested coins  for the washer and dryer. Nothing like clean clothes to make a person feel good about their investments.

                                          😎   Happy Coin Saving 


Books I love to read. Sometimes the library  dosen't have the books that I want . So I use my  saved coins and invest them into  books I want to read and keep for my book library.

                                      😎 Happy Coin Saving


Something Warm

Winter is here why not invest some of your saved coins in something that will keep you warm like this.

                              😎 Happy Coin Savings


$17 dollars

Hello my Coin Savers.. Happy 2020. So far I managed to roll $17 in coins for the new year. this money will go into my saving account. Later on in October when I go on my cruise I will take all the coins that I saved and use them for spending money on the cruise. AlsoI returned my bottles and got .95 cents which will go towards my coin saving. So how's it going with your saved coins so far?

                                      😎Happy Coin Saving

Money for 2020

2020 is almost here time to start thinking of ways to make money with our coins. Here's some ideas. 1.Look for banks that are offering a good interest rate for a small deposit and go for it with your coins. 2. Look into investing your saved coins in some stock that you might like to purchase that's not to expensive. This way you purchase the stock and watch your coin investment grow while the stock grows. 3. Invest the coins in yourself take a class, use for gym membership, supplies for a hobby. Do something fun and enjoyable. 4. Use the coins to start a business. A small business that will not cost you a lot of money. Something that you enjoy and will make money from even if it's a small amount. 5. Become a silent partners in someone's business with your coins and watch your money grow with someone's business on the sidelines. These are just some basic ideas for ways to invest your coins to make more coins for 2020.

                Happy Holidays 😎 Happy Coin saving


Hello Coin Savers I have noticed the cruise industry are offering great inventive to cruise with them. I  see where NCL is offering 30%  off plus $50 deposit to go on a trip. Why not use the coins  you have saved already to put a deposit down on a cruise. Also take advantage of the 30% discount to get a cheap cruise for 2020. That way you will have time to come up with the rest of the money for the cruise. This will also  make a great incentive to save more coins.

                                              😎 Happy Coin Saving

2020 Coin Idea

Since 2020 is around the corner I thought this would make a good way to start your coin saving. You divide your coins up into separate coin jars for the items that you want to pay with coins. I would do a vacation jar, special treat jar, gambling jar and unexpected expense jar. What about you?

                                                      😎 Happy Coin Saving

Holiday Suggestions

Hello my Coin Savers if you are partaking in the holidays this year and you are purchasing things for that occasion use the dollar tree store and your saved coins. The dollar tree store or family dollar stores will offer you more variety with your saved coins. Save if you have $40 in coins then you can buy a lot of things even your gifts out of the dollar tree stores. Just a thought.

                                              😎 Happy Coin Saving

Personal Note

.Hello my Coin Savers on a personal note this is what I am investing some of my saved coins in. Buying the ingredients to make a banana pudding for the holidays. The reason is the cookies are $3.99 a box. The pudding for a small box is 89 cents and the banana's are 69 cents a pound. Plus add milk and vanilla extract which is almost $5 a bottle you have a desserts which will cost you about $10 to make. So yea I need my coins for this special treat. What are you doing with your saved coins for the holidays?  

                                 😎 Happy Coin Saving


Hello My Coin Savers. Dessert Tray why not use some of the coins you saved to invest in a nice fancy dessert tray for the holidays. You know the desserts that you been eyeing all year but could not afford to either buy it or make it. Now's your chance to sample what you desired all year long without breaking the budget. Example I love banana pudding but it's to expensive to make but.. When I use my saved coins to buy the stuff I need to make it well it's a treat and doesn't come from my budget. A win win for all!

                                       😎Happy Coin Saving

Winter Stuff

With the cold weather here, You could invest your saved coins in buying cold weather stuff. Like coats, hats. gloves, shovels. Wood for the fire place things that will make you feel warm this winter.

                              😎Happy Coin Saving



Next Year

Hello Coin Savers, Think next year. My bank has already started their holiday club for 2020. this is a great way to invest your coins for the holiday season of 2020. Think about every time you have saved coins you put that money into you holiday club. Your might be looking at a couple hundred dollars for the holiday season 2020. Sounds promising right?

                                             😎 Happy Coin Saving


With the Holidays coming up. Thanksgiving why not invest your coins into making great side dishes for you and the family. Sometimes sides dishes for the Turkey/Ham can get expensive. But with your invested coins it doesn't have to be. Why not offer a side dish that you and your family always wanted to eat but could not afford to try it. Now you can by using your coins.

                                               😎Happy Coin Saving


Places like Planet Fitness that offers a $10 deal for using their equipment. Is a great way to invest your coins if your looking to get in shape.

                                😎 Happy Coin Saving


Say I Appricate You

Use your saved coins to take your friend to lunch/dinner. Show them that you appricate them and their friendsship and do it all from your saved coins. What a great way to invest your coins.

                               😎 Happy Coin Saving

Getting Serious

October is here Halloween candy, November will be here Thanksgiving which means holiday meals and extra food. December's  right around the corner  which means Holiday shopping Plus extras. I tend to spend more money in these 3 months then I do for the whole year. That's why I get serious when it comes to my coin collecting for just these times.

                                          😎 Happy Coin Savings

Halloween Treats

 ok, not one of my better  coin investing ideas. But it is a thought. With halloween comming up  the kids are out trick or treating  Halloween candy is expensive. You could always use your saved coins to purchase a giant bag of candy for the kids that are trick or treating. Better have a halloween party for the kids with the coins you saved. 

                                              😎Happy Coin Saving


Happy October My Coin Savers. Here's another way to invest your coins. Save them for when you need to use the parking meters. I hate having to search for loose coins in my car to feed the meter. Don't you?

                                           😎 Happy Coin Saving

Vending Machines

 You could always invest your saved coins in vending machines at your job. Sometimes we need a break from work and a snack from the vending machine. I don't recommend this but you could invest you saved coins for when the times comes and you need a little pick me up at work.

                                    😎  Happy Coin Savings

Gift Cards

With the holidays comming, birthdays, wedding, needing something extra. You could always use your coins to purchase gift cards. To give for gifts or use yourself when the time comes. Nothing like having your saved coins on a card that you can use anytime.

                                  😎  Happy Coin Savings

Fun Info

Hello My coin investors just wanted to share some basic coin information with you.               

                                          😎 Happy Coin Saving


Hobbies love them. We all have them gardening, scrapbooking, taking pictures, furniture making,painting. Whatever yout hobby is why not use your saved coins toward your hobby and the supplies you need for it. Great way to invest your coins in something you enjoy doing.

                                                     😎 Happy Coin Saving


Gas Money

Here's another great Idea for your invested coins. Once you get to a certain amount why not use that money toward your car payment. You know every little bit helps you to own your car  faster.

                                        😀  Happy Coin Collecting

Date Night

Coin date night day is a game couple play togetther.  You get a nice coin jar and everytime you or your partner has coins they put them into the coin jar. After a year  from when you started putting your coins in the coin jar. You roll the coins and use the money for a nice coin date night. You might even have enough for a mini-vacation. Another great way to invest your coins 

                                        😎  Happy Coin Collecting

Gas & Tolls

Here's a great idea for your rolled coins. Why not roll your coins and use them for gas money and to  pay tolls. Say you rolled $25 worth of coins. You keep the rolled coins hidden in your car somwhere. So when your in between paychecks and you need gas or toll money you have it. Great way to invest your rolled coins.

                                                😎 Happy Coin Collecting


If your love to talk like me . Why not invest your coins in to podcasting? It's simple there is a simple podcasting company called  Who allows you to do your own podcasting for $7 a month. You get 5 hours free to start. So If your like me  start your own radio show with the coins you save.

                                        😎   Happy Coin Collecting



Start A Business

Mo Money Mo Money. I rolled $41 dollars in coins this week. Now what am I doing with it? Starting an online business keeps popping into my head. How's your coins saving going? 

                                        😎  Happy Coin Collecting



Charity.  Now that's an idea of where you can collect your coins, roll them up and give them up to your favorit charity.  I tend to roll my coins and once I get to $25 instead of putting it into stock. I give it to the foodbank charity here in New York. This not only makes you feel good but your doing something to help others that might need it more then you.

                                😎 Happy Coin Collecting 

Serious Bottle Return Money

It pays to return your bottles and cans for the 5 cent deposit. I got $1.45 toward my coin investing doing that.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Collecting


Not loving CoinStar Machines to count my coins. The reason for that is they charge you 10.9% if you take the cash. But they will count up to $3000 worth of coins. But still the percentage is too steep for me. You can get a gift card to Amazon,best buy,Starbucks and many other place if you choose not to take the cash. I rather have the cash and keep the % they charge in my pocket. Thanks Coinstar I will pass on your services.

                                             😎Happy Coin Collecting



 Another thing to do with your saved coins is look for  a saving or cd from a bank that is paying good interest. You don't have to use a local bank . I have seen some online banks that offer 2-2.50% interest on their accounts. Why not have you coins make you some extra coins.

                                               😎 Happy Coin Collecting



Cans Means Coins

A simple way to add to your coin Investment is to return your cans and bottles and glass for the 5 cent deposit back to the grocery store. This will add money to your coin invest jar. As you can see I return my cans and bottles every chance I get.

                                            😎 Happy Coin Collecting                     


Coins & Yardsales

One way to use saved coins is use them when you go to yard sales and flea markets. Most of the time the sellers are always looking for coins anyway.                            

                                           😎 Happy Coin Collecting


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