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Welcome To CoinJar Investing A place where you can find creative ideas  for your saved coins. My name is CoinQueen AKA Hill. I  love saving my coins and putting them to work so that I can do something fun or they can make me more $$.

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Fun Info

Hello My coin investors just wanted to share some basic coin information with you.               

                                          😎 Happy Coin Saving


Hobbies love them. We all have them gardening, scrapbooking, taking pictures, furniture making,painting. Whatever yout hobby is why not use your saved coins toward your hobby and the supplies you need for it. Great way to invest your coins in something you enjoy doing.

                                                     😎 Happy Coin Saving


Gas Money

Here's another great Idea for your invested coins. Once you get to a certain amount why not use that money toward your car payment. You know every little bit helps you to own your car  faster.

                                        😀  Happy Coin Collecting

Date Night

Coin date night day is a game couple play togetther.  You get a nice coin jar and everytime you or your partner has coins they put them into the coin jar. After a year  from when you started putting your coins in the coin jar. You roll the coins and use the money for a nice coin date night. You might even have enough for a mini-vacation. Another great way to invest your coins 

                                        😎  Happy Coin Collecting

Gas & Tolls

Here's a great idea for your rolled coins. Why not roll your coins and use them for gas money and to  pay tolls. Say you rolled $25 worth of coins. You keep the rolled coins hidden in your car somwhere. So when your in between paychecks and you need gas or toll money you have it. Great way to invest your rolled coins.

                                                😎 Happy Coin Collecting


If your love to talk like me . Why not invest your coins in to podcasting? It's simple there is a simple podcasting company called  Who allows you to do your own podcasting for $7 a month. You get 5 hours free to start. So If your like me  start your own radio show with the coins you save.

                                        😎   Happy Coin Collecting



Start A Business

Mo Money Mo Money. I rolled $41 dollars in coins this week. Now what am I doing with it? Starting an online business keeps popping into my head. How's your coins saving going? 

                                        😎  Happy Coin Collecting



Charity.  Now that's an idea of where you can collect your coins, roll them up and give them up to your favorit charity.  I tend to roll my coins and once I get to $25 instead of putting it into stock. I give it to the foodbank charity here in New York. This not only makes you feel good but your doing something to help others that might need it more then you.

                                😎 Happy Coin Collecting 

Serious Bottle Return Money

It pays to return your bottles and cans for the 5 cent deposit. I got $1.45 toward my coin investing doing that.

                                        😎 Happy Coin Collecting


Not loving CoinStar Machines to count my coins. The reason for that is they charge you 10.9% if you take the cash. But they will count up to $3000 worth of coins. But still the percentage is too steep for me. You can get a gift card to Amazon,best buy,Starbucks and many other place if you choose not to take the cash. I rather have the cash and keep the % they charge in my pocket. Thanks Coinstar I will pass on your services.

                                             😎Happy Coin Collecting



 Another thing to do with your saved coins is look for  a saving or cd from a bank that is paying good interest. You don't have to use a local bank . I have seen some online banks that offer 2-2.50% interest on their accounts. Why not have you coins make you some extra coins.

                                               😎 Happy Coin Collecting



Cans Means Coins

A simple way to add to your coin Investment is to return your cans and bottles and glass for the 5 cent deposit back to the grocery store. This will add money to your coin invest jar. As you can see I return my cans and bottles every chance I get.

                                            😎 Happy Coin Collecting                     


Coins & Yardsales

One way to use saved coins is use them when you go to yard sales and flea markets. Most of the time the sellers are always looking for coins anyway.                            

                                           😎 Happy Coin Collecting